Why you should warm up to winter tires.

There’s no escaping it… colder weather is here. Whether you love or hate winter, it’s important to be ready for it, and that includes putting winter tires on your vehicle.

If you’ve been holding out on getting winter tires because of the cost, or if you’re one of the 63% of Canadians who believe that all season tires give you adequate control in snowy weather1, you’ll be interested to know that:

  • You can get a winter tire discount. All insurance companies must offer a discount (usually between 2-5%) if you install winter tires. This is subject to the date that you install/remove them and each company’s offer will vary slightly.
  • Winter tires give you better braking power. In winter-condition tests, Transport Canada and the Rubber Association of Canada discovered that stopping was 30 to 40 per cent longer with all-season compared to winter tires.2
  • Winter tires give you better traction, too. In the same winter-condition tests, vehicles with all-season tires went off the testing track at speeds of only 40 to 50 km/h while cornering, while the vehicles equipped with winter tires had no problem.2
  • They can help keep your premium from increasing. Because they give you better braking power and traction, winter tires can help prevent accidents, which can increase your premium.
  •  The sooner you install, the better. According to the Canada Safety Council, winter tires should be installed when the ambient temperature drops below 7ºC. All-season tires are made of a less pliable rubber than winter tires, which hardens and starts losing its grip at colder temperatures.1

Don’t wait until the first snowfall, be safe and save by installing your winter tires soon.

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